Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting our LEARN ON !

Direct quote from yours truly from last years back to school blog "It also marks my way to not having ANY kids at home during the day. SOOOOOO WEIRD! I swear it was only a while ago that I had like a million kids in diapers and now I'm sending the last one off to school." I was CHANGING A DIAPER while you were reading that but I'm back now. Oh are a funny little bastard aren't you. I wouldn't trade having my little Jaximus for anything in the world but it's funny how your life can change in a wee 365 days. is what it is and I've got five kids yo! So this is how the Whitehill's started their back to school journey this year. I've been getting some complaints from the peanut gallery (aka Mrs. O.) that there aren't very many pictures of a certain eldest child of mine. Let me explain shall I? Something I have learned over the course of becoming the mother of a raging hormonal teenage child. 1) They don't like their pictures taken without at least 30 minutes notice. 2) Punishing your child for bad behavior can come in the form of publishing unapproved photos of said child on any social network. THANKS FACEBOOK! Building strong parents the world over! 3) Keep your camera out of reach of their grubby little polished hands because you will find pictures have a magical way of disappearing right out of your camera. I found one...yes ONE picture of C'ne from that morning after I was going over the back to school pictures. DANG YOU CHILD! Also a monumental day for Koaster Moaster as he had his first day of Kindergarten. YEAH BUDDY! Per my usual indecisive self I was torn whether to start him because he has one of those infamous summer birthdays. So in true myself fashion I decided a whole two days before school started. Good job, me. He was ready. Ready for action. And I'm so glad I made that choice because he is doing awesome and is loving school. We changed the kids school this year and they are now getting their learn on in a tiny school with only 77 students from grades K-7. LOVE IT! Koa has class in the original one room school house that was built back in the 1800's. The teachers are amazing and we couldn't be happier. Looking forward to what the next year has to bring. C'ne is still at her old school and I decided while taking her to her 8th grade open house that middle school is the butthole of life. How did any of us survive it! I was unaware that becoming a parent would bless me with living middle school all over again....five times. Sweet. May the force be with us all. Well, here are the pictures of the little darlings. Enjoy my fine peeps:) Over and out.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hey....remember that time when I said I was going to start blogging again on a regular basis? Yeah...good times. Obviously I'm a liar. So here we go again. This time I'm not going to make any empty promises. Let's just naturally assume that after this post you won't hear from me again until next year and that way if you do it will be a surprisingly magical experience for one and all. So let's get this update party started. HOLLA! Let's start with the obvious. We had an addition to the family this year. May I introduce Jaxikins, Jaximus, Jaximima, or as the world knows him.... Jax Odinn Whitehill. I don't want to talk about his middle name but all I'm going to say is this. I don't like it but it's better than his first name being Thor. And we will leave it at that.

Awww...there's my baby:) He's such a sweet boy. It always amazes me how much you instantly love each one of of your baby's the minute you see them. I'm not going to lie...the journey of brewing this little bundle of joy was not a good time but I'm chalking it up to old age. With the other 4 spawnlettes I was young and spritely and in my 20's. This kiddo was birthed by a senior citizen. I was more worried about throwing out my hip while in labor than anything else. I'm happy to report there were no incidents with my hip. And even happier to report that Jax was a healthy, beautiful baby at 7 lbs, 13 oz and 21 inches long. I don't know why but I was SUPER nervous before his delivery! He was a scheduled induction and on the morning he was born, SMW made our way to the hospital at an hour humans shouldn't be awake. I was shaking like a crack fein walking in. SMW thought I was crazy. I mean it's not like we haven't been to this goat rodeo before. I'm a damn pro for the love of PETE! Do you want to know what nervous before kicking out a baby looks like? Feast your eyes on this!

Be jealous. Go ahead. I'll wait.

After we were settled and I had requested a nurse who could deal with my sarcastic awesomeness we were given a nurse who rocked my world. Seriously, she was AMAZING. She calmed me right down and we got down to bidness and had that baby out by noon. That's how we do work son! We had decided to let whatever kids who wanted to be in the room while I delivered make that choice and I feel this is a decision that may haunt me to the day I die. C'ne had decided she had been to the last four births and opted to spend the day at the lake with friends. I don't blame her. I would have been there with her but that wasn't an option. Isaiah wanted to be in there because he had never been in there before and I'm pretty sure he's still having nightmares. This poor kid. He's traumatized. To a PTSD level. And I don't joke about PTSD. My husband's in the military. Just look at this face.

The baby is literally coming out. LOLOLOL. I know I shouldn't laugh but I'm going to use this as birth control when he get's older. See, there really is a method to my madness. Do you notice Koa playing his gameboy? Yup. Luckily for Isaiah this cowgirl knows how to rock a birth and baby was out with the quickness which I've decided isn't exactly something to brag about but what can you do. As always my amazing husband was there with me every step of the way and I couldn't ask for a more comforting, supportive person to experience this with. I am definitely one lucky girl:) I am now going to inundate you with pictures of Jax's birth day. Special shout out to my amazing friend JAMIE STONE for coming down early and taking pictures of our special day for us. She is the best:)

Give me drugs!

First time seeing him!

Jax Odinn Whitehill:)

And there you have it people. We came, we saw, we kicked out a baby. Or more accurately...I kicked out a baby. But regardless we are so blessed to have this new little guy in our lives. It's definitely been an adjustment getting use to having a newborn in the house but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Hopefully I will post more pics before next year at this time but until then......ADIOS AMIGOS!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There goes my baby:(

**DISCLAIMER- Please refrain from judging me in regards to Koa's shirt. I'm was raised in a proper household to loath the Raider's....however my husband was not. He <3's them with every fiber in his being. So judge him.....Okay...commence with the post. Thank you for your attention**

Guess who's little baby man started preschool this month? That's right...the same person who turned the big 33. I know this post is suppose to be about Koa starting preschool but let's face it, I'm selfish and like to complain about getting older. It's just who I am. A negative asshole. Always have been...always will be. But at least I'm able to mask it with inappropriate and sometimes uncomfortable sarcasm and humor! CHEERS! I will post a detailed post later regarding all the things that are so so wrong about turning 33 at a later date so don't worry....your saved for today:) Anyway, Koa started preschool this month and this Momma was not happy. I know it's JUST PRESCHOOL BLAH BLAH BLAH but this is my baby. My Budders. My Koaster Moaster, Hunka Hunka Baby Man, Boogs, Boogies, and last but not Fella. Yes, he answers to ALL these! So my answer to preschool was to put him in a Co-op. This way I can still maintain my freakishly controlling ways and spy on him one day a week. It's very healthy I promise. It also marks my way to not having ANY kids at home during the day. SOOOOOO WEIRD! I swear it was only a while ago that I had like a million kids in diapers and now I'm sending the last one off to school. :( he is. At school. Being the handsomest preschooler ever known to mankind.

Start the morning with a good breakfast kids!

His little school is so freakin cute!

First in line....what an overachiever. We are going to have to fix that. Can't have him getting beat up his first day of preschool for being a kissass!

HA! This was him getting P.I.S.S.E.D. for taking too many pictures. GET USE TO IT KID! You have too many years left in my legal care, control and custody and yes....there will be pictures:P

All in all....a perfect first day of school! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


In a perfect world full of rainbows and gummy bears, mostly red one's because they are my FAVE, I would be the kind of mom who would be sad to see the summer come to an end and have to send my kids to the machine they call "SCHOOL" for 6 hours a day. Well my friends, the world isn't perfect. You always get WAY more green gummy bears in your bag than red one's and that just isn't right. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! No one likes the green ones anyway! Okay, reigning it in. Back on track. So, as I was saying. I'm not that mom. I was more than happy to see the little tykes off to school on Wednesday morning. We DID have a great summer and I enjoyed them being home and not sticking to a schedule but it just seemed like the last week they all were possessed by little demonic leprechauns! Fighting, screaming, riots, was a hot mess the last week! In Whitehill tradition I now present to you "BACK 2 SCHOOL PICS version 20.10!

Here is the beautiful Nene sporting a Huskies shirt (which you can't see...SORRY IT WAS EAAAARLY!). The day before we had attended her orientation for her new project based school, where they call their teacher's by their first names but we are not going there today, and her classroom looked like a WSU cougar had vomited all over the room. I'm not even kidding. It was like being in a bad dream. Sorry Cougar fans. HUSKIES RIDE OR DIE YO! So I found it funny that with all the new clothes that Nene had she chose this one. If this doesn't say anything about her personality I don't know what does. Now maybe you people will feel my pain as I discuss the adventures of raising a certain raging hormone filled 12 year old.

I now present to you the Bubs. I love this kid. Aside from his spastic personality he pretty much does whatever I tell him to do. Including taking his picture early in the morning. Including telling him not to smile like that. Including telling him to not smile like that either. LOVE HIM! I hope he has a great year this year!

Let's have a quick discussion about back to school clothes, shall we? In my attempt to spend more time with my kiddo's one on one I took them back to school shopping separately. An adventure I don't know will be continued next year. This child, pictured above, was taken to 10 different stores, and HATED EVERYTHING. Gymboree- negative. The Children's Place- double negative. Crazy8- NEIN! And the list just went on. We finally ended up at Kohl's were she fell in love with two of the most hideous outfits known to mankind. I'm not even kidding. One involves a built in necklace. Yes, built in. But after 7 hours I didn't care. I whipped out the plastic and they were all her's. YOUR WELCOME:)

And last but not least...we have Boogs. I also present to you, FEATHER. Boogs begged and pleaded with my mom in the store to buy this little puppy for my brother for his birthday. He insisted that my brother needed it and would love it for his birthday. Of course Nana gave in and as soon as they were out of the store Boogie ripped off the tags and claimed Feather as his own telling her it was all a trick! Manipulative at 4 years old. We are in trouble. Boogs doesn't start pre-k until next week so you all will be punished with pictures next week too.

Sometimes on very rare occasions I like to pretend that I'm a good mother. And on the first day of school one of those occasions presented itself. I present to you.....BACK TO SCHOOL BREAKFAST. Last year it was homemade cinnamon rolls and I realized that sending the kids to school on the first day all hopped up on sugar was not very smart. So here is what they lovingly call.....Breakfast Pizza.

Recipe courtesy of This woman has been the reason for my 10 pound weight gain over the summer but yet I keep coming back to her like a battered housewife. SHE'S THAT GOOD! Between her and Paula Deen it's over for me. Okay, that is all for today. Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND! SMW has drill this weekend leaving to fend for myself with the kiddo's so WISH ME LUCK!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why hello there!

Holy mother of neglected blogs! I know I KNOW...I'm a giant loser. It seems like after SMW came home everything stopped. Well, except my waistline. That bitch just keeps getting bigger and BIGGER and no, it has nothing to do with the countless pints of Haagan Daz coffee ice cream I've had. That's been my coping mechanism for a little thing I like to call "LIFE". And from what I've heard, it doesn't contain ANY calories. The ice cream I mean. Life on the other hand has a TON OF CALORIES! I suggest you only partake in small doses. OKAY, starting to ramble. So here's the deal. Too much to mention since I haven't updated this baby in almost a year so here's the highlights people.

~ SMW came home 90 days early from the stupidest place on earth to join us for Christmas. YES I KNOW ITS BEEN AWHILE SINCE POSTING ....I GET IT!!!!
~ Put the kids back into the jungle of public schools. It's a loooooooooooooooooooooog story that I would rather not get into but it involved, you got it, coffee ice cream.
~ Cheerleading has now taken over our very existence. I mean it. TAKEN. OVER. OUR. LIVES. We now eat, breath and sleep THE BLACK ORANGE AND BLUE. Because....they are THE BEST OF THE BEST and will ROCK YOU! Sorry, couldn't help it. MOVING ON.
~ SMW took a new job that isn't Army related and even though he feels like a caged rat on crack everyday in his new "office" it's waaaaaay more money and maybe one if these days he will get to actually buy one of the many toys he looks at daily. DAILY. I've actually threatened to buy him a shirt that read "Craigslist Whore" but it backfired when he said he would wear it with pride. Oh well.

That's pretty much it. Sad I know. But it's hard work trying to think of all the things that have happened in the last 11 months and frankly, I don't like hard work. So I will end on this note. Wait...must back up. It was requested by my dear sweet husband, SMW, that I continue this blog. He told me that he enjoyed reading it while he was deployed and missed my "sense of humor" if that's what you want to call it! LOL. So I am partially restarting because of him, and the fact that he doesn't usually read ANYTHING, and also as a way to remember all the things that happen throughout the year. Because let's face it, I'm getting old. Staring down the barrel of my big TROIS TROIS in a few weeks and my memory is going bad. So this way at the end of the year I can evaluate all the things I would have done differently and ways I could have been a better mother/wife/friend all whilst eating a pint of Haagan Daz coffee ice cream. CHEERIO!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Koaster Moaster

Most of you knew that Koa had a little "incident" recently so I just wanted to post a little picture, mostly for Daddy, to let everyone know that he's doing great! This was the next morning and he was ready to get the freak outta that place. Thank you so much to all our friends and family who offered so much support during such a scary time. We feel truly blessed to have such awesome people in our lives.

Pumpkins Tacos and Rice Bowls

Yeah, you read me right. I said pumpkins, tacos, and rice bowls. Now before I proceed any further I need to issue another one of my disclaimers. I can "yo quiero taco bell" with the best of them so let's not get it twisted ya'll....but does anyone else find a pumpkin patch a strange place to find the exotic fusion of taco's, rice bowls, and funnel cakes?!?! So weird! I'm still sitting here, 6 hours later trying to wrap my little tiny peanut brain around it. I suppose I should back up a tinge. I escorted my 4 little darlings to Siemer's Farms (and yes my immature brain may have giggled slightly at the name of this place but only for a second.....a wee baby second) to meet up with Gramma, Papa, Auntie and Uncle and of course...... SMILERS! We love pumpkin patching every year and were excited this year to go with our family and ALSO to try a different patch this year because we had been going to the same one for the last couple of years. So off we went to Greenbluff, land oh the pumpkin patch, to find the perfect pumpkin. First of all, the traffic up to this place was insane! Who knew so many people wanted to experience all the joys that pumpkins can bring on the same day as us! But despite the crowds we fought our way through the peeps and found our family and then proceeded to the P. Patch where I learned that they wanted 30 cents per lb of pumkiness......say what MOFO! 30 cents per lb! That was going to be a huge hellz no. So I did what any self respecting ghetto ass poor Mama would do. I took lot's of pictures of the family at the patch and then took our happy ass's to Walmart for the $3 pumpkins BABY! After the photo session we headed off in search of some carmeled apples to end our outing but what do you think I found instead!?!?!? That's right, tacos.....and rice bowls. I'm still so confused and very tired from last nights "Making the Squad Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders" marathon extravaganza last night with Nene, that I'm a tad delirious so I'm not even going to try and sort out this madness in my brain. But I will however give you our 2009 P Patch photos! I do have to say that we live in the best part of the country!

There's only one way to say this.....Uncle Ryan LOVES getting his picture taken.....and after a couple hundred pictures of JUST HIM peaking out of cornstalks, making funny faces to the pumpkins, and cartwheeling through the patch I finally told him that I needed to get pictures of other people.....he finally, and very begrudgingly, let me take some pictures of Smiley.

This is Koa's "zombie" face.....he likes to walk around the house telling me he's a zombie and he's going to eat my brains. Disturbing I know.....

And there you have it. We missed you SMW and can't wait for next year when I can drag you up there and we can pick out a pumpkin, eat a taco, and wash it down with a rice bowl! YEEHAW!!!....Over and out....