Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She's Just Being Smiley

Today my Sis-in-law came over with my brand new niece so that we could take some newborn pictures. The plan was to take Easter pictures with all the kids but my little darlings were acting the damn fool today so that wasn't going to happen unless pics where your kids are duct taped to chairs is the new trend. Sooooooo Smiley flew solo......seriously people......look at that FACE! I just want to wolf snarf her face she's so sticken cute! SNAAAAARFFF!!!! I could hardly stand how cute she was. I'm still learning my camera people so be gentle but I thought they turned out good. AND, my MIL brought us Jr. Whoppers......seriously.....wolf snarfs and Br. King.....WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!

At this Easter time let's all take a moment and pay hommage to the original baby in a basket.......Moses! Who's up for a 8 hour marathon with the splendid and oh so talented Charlton Heston in Ten Commandments?

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's time to get yer Derby on!

Sorry peeps I'm too lazy to adjust pic size and remove red eye so all you photography nazi's are just going to have to DEAL! Well it's that time of the year ladies and gents.....the time of the year for a whole evening of good ole fashioned LDS wholesomeness in the form of the PINEWOOD DERBY!! Yippee skippy. SMW and Bubba were able to have a little father son bonding time before he left and make a gem of a Derby car which.....honey...you may not want to read any further.....looked like a car that had been made by a son and his mother because his dad was deployed. I mean...you rocked the body shape but seriously....letting him color it with colored pencil?!?!? All the great cars of Derby's past are greatly dissapointed in you...I know I know....you had other things on your mind so I'm hoping that you don't mind that I made it very clear several times that I indeed was not the one responsible for that masterpiece. Regardless of what I thought Bubba was in heaven and loved his car so that's all that matters......blah blah blah.

Here's Hoho in his uniform....actually his uniform is usually one of Mama's dress's or a tutu and heels but who's keeping track....

Um.........Bubba's car is the one on the left.....needless to say it's speed didn't make up for it's appearance.

So I'm amazed I was able to get any pictures of the Derby at all because this was the view I had almost the entire nite....yes...this is Hoho racing around the Mormon speedway at the church building.....nothing but a vicious circle. At least I got a little cardio in! WOOT WOOT!

Here it is in all it's glory......colored pencil and all......it kinda looks like if a school bus and a truck had a wee baby

So there it is honey.......a a whole night of Pinewood Derby Festimony!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guess who googled what an Allen Wrench is!?!?!

That's right bitches ( and I say that with all the love in my heart) I GOOGLED Allen Wrench. And guess who else fixed the garbage disposal all by her damn self.......can I get a WHAT WHAT!! That's right......I'm the Motha f'in MAN! Or woman if you prefer. Had to have a little chat with Koa that a garbage disposal isn't a water fountain and we do NOT toss coins into it and make wishes. We will see how much his two year old brain absorbed......I can guarantee you....not a damn thing!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Anyone care to guess what this fantastic piece of gourmet genius is? I know.....it's soooo OBVIOUS that it's a shamrock pancake. SHAMROCK PANCAKE!!!!!!! Nothing like a green pancake to get yer St. Paddy's Day morning started. YUMMM. The best part of this entire tradition is that the kids actually eat it!!! MUHAAAHAHAHA. I couldn't find my regular food coloring this morning so I had to use the gel stuff and to make things even better I didn't have green so I had to mix yellow and a very dried out blue and make this lovely shade of green but the BEST part was that not all if it mixed together and I bit into this nasty bite and went to the sink to wash out my mouth and noticed that my mouth was blue.....BLUE!!! I had bit into a huge clump of unmixed gel coloring......so deeelicious. I tried to get a picture of all the kids wearing their green attire but a certain oldest girl didn't want to stand by a certain oldest boy and a certain youngest boy was only interested in hanging off the chair at the piano while singing a rousing and original rendition of Honey Honey from Mamma Mia. Sorry honey....maybe next time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


The title is really only funny if your name is a one.....SMW. Guess who was at the game tonight honey.....that's right.....GO.....TEAM.....GO......dude!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! As I was walking up to our seats it was like music raining down from the heavens. Go....TEAM.....Go dude was sitting right below us. It made me very homesick for you and sad that we couldn't share in this reunion with GCG dude. Anyway, the TEAM were awesome enough to donate tickets to families of SMW's unit....well old unit because he was promoted into a new unit 2 1/2 hours away in the middle of nowhere so that I can't attend anything that they put on for their families because...duh...it's too far and makes me feel a little left out and truthfully a little bitter but I shouldn't complain because SMW was promoted and his pay went up which means bigger paychecks so I'm going to shut the F up about it right now yo. Annnnnnywayyyy, we went to the game and had a really good time, that is if you consider yelling at your daughter (who brought a friend and are up in the last row screaming at the top of their precious little lungs trying to get attention from a pack of boys who honestly didn't care but were annoying the crap outta everyone sitting around them whilst holding a sign that read "Go TEAM" I didn't have the heart to tell them the spelled it wrong cuz they worked on it allllllll afternoon) to be quite or else I would end her life, and chasing one annoying 8 year old son who kept going up to said mispeller and telling her and her friend they smelled like poo....I guess when your in the 3rd grade your imagination only has so many place to go..... and in our house....it usually ends up with poo. However, for the most part we had a good time even though the TEAM...HAHAHA Jokes on you spelling wizards.....lost. We wish them all the luck in the post season. GOOOOO.......TEAM......GOOOOOOO.

Smiley's Here!!!!

Take a wild guess who became a Auntie for the first time to the most beautiful baby niece ever born in the history of the world....that's right hater's.....ME! Smiley graced us with her presence 03/14/09 at 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Her Momma cooked her good! Don't you think your first neice is cute SMW? I should also mention that this is the first cousin to the kids also. They can't wait to meet her! Welcome to the world Smiley....we love you already!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Operation Love Reunited

A week before SMW left we were able to participate in the program Operation Love Reunited. If anyone hasn't heard of it it's AWESOME!!!!!! It's basically a group of photographers that have agreed to donate their precious time to take pictures of military families before, during and after deployments. You find a photographer in your area who is participating and set up a session GO ELLIE!!!! She did a FAN.TAS.TIC. job!!!! Although there were several times I wanted to put the boys in a choke hold I think that overall the pictures turned out awesome.

400 days

Just the thought makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry....well not just cry.....wail.... wail heaving sobs til I can't breath......while exhibiting the most horrid ugly cry face ever produced. Yep.....that's what I wanna do....but instead I will BLOG! I'm starting this blog mainly so that SMW can keep up with the goings on at the homestead while he's playing Army dude for the next year but anyone else who's willing to come along for the journey is more then welcome yo! I have to issue a tiny....no....pretty hefty disclaimer......I'm a cusser......so if your one of my LDS homies take heed as the language might get a little colorful. Also, I have a severe ADHD mind.....there's no telling where my thoughts could end up. I'd like to think at the end of the day my thoughts come full circle into a magical meaningful and intelligent place....but it never does so don't try to make sense of any of my tangents. Only those close to me find my A.D.H.D.ness even remotely charming and tolerably and I'm pretty sure that SMW only pays attention to me a 16th of the time and the only one who I ever get full C.O.L. (chuckle out louds which are WAAAAY better then boring ole L.O.L. cuz they come from the heart) is my M.L. So......here we go for the next year.......WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!