Monday, March 16, 2009


The title is really only funny if your name is a one.....SMW. Guess who was at the game tonight honey.....that's right.....GO.....TEAM.....GO......dude!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! As I was walking up to our seats it was like music raining down from the heavens. Go....TEAM.....Go dude was sitting right below us. It made me very homesick for you and sad that we couldn't share in this reunion with GCG dude. Anyway, the TEAM were awesome enough to donate tickets to families of SMW's unit....well old unit because he was promoted into a new unit 2 1/2 hours away in the middle of nowhere so that I can't attend anything that they put on for their families's too far and makes me feel a little left out and truthfully a little bitter but I shouldn't complain because SMW was promoted and his pay went up which means bigger paychecks so I'm going to shut the F up about it right now yo. Annnnnnywayyyy, we went to the game and had a really good time, that is if you consider yelling at your daughter (who brought a friend and are up in the last row screaming at the top of their precious little lungs trying to get attention from a pack of boys who honestly didn't care but were annoying the crap outta everyone sitting around them whilst holding a sign that read "Go TEAM" I didn't have the heart to tell them the spelled it wrong cuz they worked on it allllllll afternoon) to be quite or else I would end her life, and chasing one annoying 8 year old son who kept going up to said mispeller and telling her and her friend they smelled like poo....I guess when your in the 3rd grade your imagination only has so many place to go..... and in our usually ends up with poo. However, for the most part we had a good time even though the TEAM...HAHAHA Jokes on you spelling wizards.....lost. We wish them all the luck in the post season. GOOOOO.......TEAM......GOOOOOOO.

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