Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Anyone care to guess what this fantastic piece of gourmet genius is? I know.....it's soooo OBVIOUS that it's a shamrock pancake. SHAMROCK PANCAKE!!!!!!! Nothing like a green pancake to get yer St. Paddy's Day morning started. YUMMM. The best part of this entire tradition is that the kids actually eat it!!! MUHAAAHAHAHA. I couldn't find my regular food coloring this morning so I had to use the gel stuff and to make things even better I didn't have green so I had to mix yellow and a very dried out blue and make this lovely shade of green but the BEST part was that not all if it mixed together and I bit into this nasty bite and went to the sink to wash out my mouth and noticed that my mouth was blue.....BLUE!!! I had bit into a huge clump of unmixed gel coloring......so deeelicious. I tried to get a picture of all the kids wearing their green attire but a certain oldest girl didn't want to stand by a certain oldest boy and a certain youngest boy was only interested in hanging off the chair at the piano while singing a rousing and original rendition of Honey Honey from Mamma Mia. Sorry honey....maybe next time.

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