Friday, March 27, 2009

It's time to get yer Derby on!

Sorry peeps I'm too lazy to adjust pic size and remove red eye so all you photography nazi's are just going to have to DEAL! Well it's that time of the year ladies and gents.....the time of the year for a whole evening of good ole fashioned LDS wholesomeness in the form of the PINEWOOD DERBY!! Yippee skippy. SMW and Bubba were able to have a little father son bonding time before he left and make a gem of a Derby car may not want to read any further.....looked like a car that had been made by a son and his mother because his dad was deployed. I rocked the body shape but seriously....letting him color it with colored pencil?!?!? All the great cars of Derby's past are greatly dissapointed in you...I know I had other things on your mind so I'm hoping that you don't mind that I made it very clear several times that I indeed was not the one responsible for that masterpiece. Regardless of what I thought Bubba was in heaven and loved his car so that's all that matters......blah blah blah.

Here's Hoho in his uniform....actually his uniform is usually one of Mama's dress's or a tutu and heels but who's keeping track....

Um.........Bubba's car is the one on the left.....needless to say it's speed didn't make up for it's appearance.

So I'm amazed I was able to get any pictures of the Derby at all because this was the view I had almost the entire nite....yes...this is Hoho racing around the Mormon speedway at the church building.....nothing but a vicious circle. At least I got a little cardio in! WOOT WOOT!

Here it is in all it's glory......colored pencil and kinda looks like if a school bus and a truck had a wee baby

So there it is honey.......a a whole night of Pinewood Derby Festimony!

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