Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She's Just Being Smiley

Today my Sis-in-law came over with my brand new niece so that we could take some newborn pictures. The plan was to take Easter pictures with all the kids but my little darlings were acting the damn fool today so that wasn't going to happen unless pics where your kids are duct taped to chairs is the new trend. Sooooooo Smiley flew solo......seriously people......look at that FACE! I just want to wolf snarf her face she's so sticken cute! SNAAAAARFFF!!!! I could hardly stand how cute she was. I'm still learning my camera people so be gentle but I thought they turned out good. AND, my MIL brought us Jr. Whoppers......seriously.....wolf snarfs and Br. King.....WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!

At this Easter time let's all take a moment and pay hommage to the original baby in a basket.......Moses! Who's up for a 8 hour marathon with the splendid and oh so talented Charlton Heston in Ten Commandments?

1 comment:

  1. well done you!

    i wonder what it is like to have pictures taken of you and then SEE THEM - ONLINE - ON THE SAME DAY?!!!

    hey remember that time we had a photo shoot with MY baby?... i'm glad i have the mental images to remind me of that day... sigh...