Thursday, April 23, 2009

What would you do for a buck

The past two weeks the kids have been doing a unit study of Japan. We have had alot of fun with it and ended the unit on Saturday with the kick off to Japan week Downtown. I really wanted the kids to get their pictures taken with the Bon-Odori dancers but Bubba was not happy about it and pretty much ran away. After several attempts trying to convince him I finally,shamelessly, bribed him with a dollar. I wish that the pic I had taken of just him and the girls had turned out because they were ALL OVER HIM! They thought he was the cutest thing ever and kept rubbing his head......and also throwing up the peace sign....which I didn't understand but whatever.....anyway, after the picture was taken he was sooooo red in the face but as he walked over he said "That was definitely worth a dollar". LOLOLOL


If you ever wanted to know what would happen if you just happened to put a Cup O' Noodle in the microwave without any water and maybe....just maybe.....put it on for 6 minutes. I don't know about you....but if you just scrape off the burned marks it still looks fine to me! Needless to say......a certain 8 year old has now been banned from the microwave til he graduates.


Look at those bright shiny faces!!! So, two outta four smiling ain't bad right? I'm not quite sure what Bubba was doing but this was the best face out of....oh......600 attempts. MAYBE not 600....but it felt like it...and it left me wanting to stab myself in the face.......HAPPY EASTER!!!!


I can't believe that Nene turned 11! It seems like time is going by sooooo fast. She had a great birthday this year. We redecorated her room.....well....we are in the process of redecorating her room and as soon as it's done I will update with pictures. She was excited to get her new bedding and decor for her room. And yes......that is my attempt at a handbag cake. Backoff's the best I could do.

And of course......anything that's pink and Hoho's all up in it's bidness!

Happy Birthday Nene!

The Holy Ghost helps you not punch yourself in the face

Did you know that? That's awesome! Thanks Holy Ghost! Bubba informed me of this the night before his baptism when we were talking about him getting the gift of the Holy Ghost the next day. I was wanting to make sure that he understood what a special and important day it was going to be when he very annoyingly looked at me and said "Mom.....I already know what the Holy Ghost's what makes you not punch yourself in the face when you lose your video game". I've never been more proud. Makes me wonder what he said in the Bishop's interview......LOL........oh Bubba.....I do love you