Saturday, May 30, 2009

LDS Family Fun Part Deux!

I have two words for you. Raingutter. Regatta. Wooooweeeeee!!!!!! Yes, if the Pinewood Derby wasn't enough Mormony good times then who couldn't help resist a little Regatta action. Both the Scouts and the girls from Achievements participated this year and it was....well interesting to say the very least. First of all.......I MAY have made a secret wish that Isaiah was going to forget about this "Raingutter Regatta" so that I could sit at home but of course.....he remembered. Which I would like to now ask this is it that a kid who can't remember to turn off his bedroom light, flush the toilet, change his underwear OR remember where he took his shoes ofF (which just a little side note.....made Isaiah go to the grocery store in socks the other day because I'M TIRED OF THIS KID LOSING HIS DAMN SHOES!!!!) but yet he can remember something that hasn't been mentioned in this house for two weeks!!!! Anyway, lucky for him he has a nice uncle who painted the boat for him and so off we went to the race. Do you see what he named his boat?!?!? Yes your eyes are not deceiving you.....he named his boat.....Big Daddy! I didn't see that until he put it in the lineup which made me give myself another horrible mother point because all I could think of was all the terribly innapropriate things he could have put and I wouldn't have known until we got there. C'ne' was also pretty proud of her boat and she did a pretty awesome job of painting her's if I do say so myself. So it gets to be race time and one of the Brother's in the race asks Isaiah where his rutter Rutter? WTF is that? mean that little piece of metal that I threw away because all I saw it as was a weapon in my house? was long gone. So after lot's of scrambling they fixed my boy up right good (man I gotta use that phrase more often...especially in Deer Park) and we were ready! This was a single elimination round and all the scouts are racing each other and every one is having a good time until Isaiah's name is called.....and so is.......a girl's. I wish I would have had my camera ready because his face was so awesome I can't even put it into words. Sheer terror is the closest thing that will desrcibe it. All I knew is that my child had this look in his eyes that if he lost this race to a girl in front of all his friends that it was going to be the end of his world as he knew it. So the race starts.....and.........he lost. I could slowly see all his 9 year old manliness slowly seeping all over cultural hall floor. Poor guy. And I know that I will rack up another bad mother point with this statement.....but I was kinda.....I said KINDA....rooting for the girl, but after she won I felt so bad for my little guy. He was devastated. He went and sat in the corner for the rest of the races and couldn't get outta there fast enough. C'ne did pretty good and ended up racing twice. All in all it was a good time for the kids....notice I said KIDS....well I guess just C'ne so I really meant kid.......and I can't wait for next year when I can send SMW to take them!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mama's Day

Guess what to my wondering eyes did appear........not 8 reindeer.........But FLOWERS FOOL! That's right.......even though SMW was on his way outta the country he was a sneaky little devil and must have had a magical leprechaun leave these for me Saturday night! Now, SMW, I love you but we both know that you have been slackadacious with your Mother's Day skillz in the past. This has definitely brought you back into my good graces. My mom took the other kiddo's and let me sleep in Sunday morning so I only had Mymy and we went and enjoyed a nice breakfast without Hoho biting, kicking, putting crayons in our was pretty close to heaven. Then because the kids are studying flight in school this week we went and saw the B-17 that was touring the area. Let me give you the three highlights that made this field trip worthwhile.

1. Mymy telling the girl standing next to her that it was a B-17 like the girl was an idiot for not knowing already.
2. Bubba arguing with the guy at the souvenir booth after finding out that this particular B-17 wasn't a REAL B-17 because it didn't see any war time.
3. And lastly........Bubba pretending like he was shooting the gun out the side of the plane as he was yelling.......DIE GERMANS DIE when we took the tour of the inside. On a side note....he was HORRIFIED to learn that SMW was stopping in Germany on his way to the "place"......that was a pretty awesome conversation that ended up in me saying......just ask Dad the next time he calls.

We delivered 5 flowers to all the important Mom's in our lives and topped off the night with dinner at my parents. It was a good Mother's Day besides the fact that SMW was in the process of flying 12000 miles only regret was not catching the leprechaun Saturday night.........I have sooooo many questions......

Turning 09!!!!

I thought that was a pretty clever play on numbers.....until I realized that it's always been like that....5 in 05.....2 in get the basically not only am I not a genuis....but I'm a pretty stupid Mom for not figuring that out earlier. Sweet. Needless to say he did have another birthday on Thursday and opened up a telescope, Survival Book for know in case your in the middle of Africa and you need to eat a dead zebra carcass, Eyewitness book on World War II (I'm hoping it curbs his desire to discuss Hitler in the middle of the grocery store) and 750 stars to put on his ceiling......which was the dumbest present I could have got him because it took almost 3 hours to put all those little F@*kers up! All in all it was a good day and we topped it off, with a little help from buddy Duncan Hines, with a Rocket cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!

That's right.....what cake is complete without Koa's fingerprints stuck inside.

This is the only picture he let me take of him opening up time.....he will regret it!

Bon Voyage Snuggle Britches

I have never......EVER....referred to SMW as Snuggle Britches but it just seemed so right...down in the depths of my soul..... to type that just now.......Snugglyriffic actually. Anyway, we were able to spend a fun filled 5 day/6 night mini leave with SMW before he left for the pits of hell. We weren't sure if he was going to be able to come home and I had actually planned on possibly flying over to Indiana to see him if he couldn't leave but yes.....he was able to come home to chill at the crib and we enjoyed having him home even if it was for a short time. That was a awesomely long run on sentence if I do say so myself. Sorry we didn't come visit Krista!!!! Anyway, it went by waaaaay to fast and was thinking even before he got off the plane....cuz I'm a glass is ALWAYS half empty kind of a girl...that it was going to be over before we knew it. And it was. So on Sunday we said goodbye to Snuggle Britches, or SB if you prefer.....for who knows how long since he's not gauranteed leave during this deployment......which is a whole other glass is half empty story for another day. WOOT WOOT.....betcha just can't wait! He should be landing in Kuwait right around now and we miss him so much.......Can't wait to talk to you find a damn phone so we can spend $100 on a 3 minute conversation!!!!!

Nothing like dragging out the goodbyes and having Moms drive you out to the runway to see daddy's plane take off.

This picture didn't turn out because I was a crying fool but it pretty much sums up the day.....good times.

Smile for the camera know you want this thing shoved in your face right now!

This was's early birthday present for Bubba before he cards. They sat there forever like two dorks in a pod looking them over......I'm glad that Bubba got to spend this time with his dad.

TWO DORKS IN A POD.....without a pod.......

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hard Lessons Learned My Child......Hard Lessons Learned

American are the DEVIL! I can't believe I even watch it, but week after week like a mindless drone I get sucked into it's magical powers. It does make me feel a little better that I don't watch the results show because I could really care less who get's voted off. Sometimes I do watch just to see if anyone cries......oh how I love when they cry.....hmmmm.....maybe I'm the devil! Anyway, last night Nene and me are spending another Tuesday night caught in the grips of the AI machine when I hear her utter a squeal when Adam comes out.....LOL......oh you must reread that last sentence after you get done with this post because it's GOL for sure! Okay back on we are watching Adam sing and I notice that she has googly eyes!!! Really.....googly eyes for the screeching, eyeline wearing Adam Lambert?!?!?!? WHO'S KID IS THIS!!! Needless to say....she's smitten by Adam and immediately starts defending his honor and her crush by pointing out how cute he is.....he's such a good singer......yada yada yada......I may have gotten a wee too much delight in crushing her hopes and dreams of someday having lil eyeliner wearing Adam Lamberts running around when I told her........."Um know Adam's gay right"? SHABAM! Who let me be a mother anyway? You should have seen her face.....Price oh Less!!! After a few minutes of denial she did what any self respecting 11 year old would do in this time of crisis......GOOGLE BITCHES!!! Under parental supervision of course so calm down. After several sites confirming his gaydom she finally relented and with a heavy sigh she asked that age old question asked by women of all ages and generations "Mom, why are all the cute boy's gay"? Oh sweet child.......if we only knew.......

On a lighter note I wrapped up my T.V. watching last nite with the Season Finale of Real Housewives of New York....not as good as some of the other cities but who can't deny that Simon's pants were not fanfreakingtastic!!! Can't wait for the New Jersey Housewives.....they look a damn HOT MESS!! And to bring the evening full circle we topped it off with a little Blueberry Patch, fornicating Cousins, Man Juice and Peter and Tinkerbell......if you know what I'm talking about B.F.F. applications will be accepted until the 15th.