Monday, May 11, 2009

Bon Voyage Snuggle Britches

I have never......EVER....referred to SMW as Snuggle Britches but it just seemed so right...down in the depths of my soul..... to type that just now.......Snugglyriffic actually. Anyway, we were able to spend a fun filled 5 day/6 night mini leave with SMW before he left for the pits of hell. We weren't sure if he was going to be able to come home and I had actually planned on possibly flying over to Indiana to see him if he couldn't leave but yes.....he was able to come home to chill at the crib and we enjoyed having him home even if it was for a short time. That was a awesomely long run on sentence if I do say so myself. Sorry we didn't come visit Krista!!!! Anyway, it went by waaaaay to fast and was thinking even before he got off the plane....cuz I'm a glass is ALWAYS half empty kind of a girl...that it was going to be over before we knew it. And it was. So on Sunday we said goodbye to Snuggle Britches, or SB if you prefer.....for who knows how long since he's not gauranteed leave during this deployment......which is a whole other glass is half empty story for another day. WOOT WOOT.....betcha just can't wait! He should be landing in Kuwait right around now and we miss him so much.......Can't wait to talk to you find a damn phone so we can spend $100 on a 3 minute conversation!!!!!

Nothing like dragging out the goodbyes and having Moms drive you out to the runway to see daddy's plane take off.

This picture didn't turn out because I was a crying fool but it pretty much sums up the day.....good times.

Smile for the camera know you want this thing shoved in your face right now!

This was's early birthday present for Bubba before he cards. They sat there forever like two dorks in a pod looking them over......I'm glad that Bubba got to spend this time with his dad.

TWO DORKS IN A POD.....without a pod.......

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  1. mi mi's picture BREAKS. MY. HEART.

    seriously close to tears here...