Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mama's Day

Guess what to my wondering eyes did appear........not 8 reindeer.........But FLOWERS FOOL! That's right.......even though SMW was on his way outta the country he was a sneaky little devil and must have had a magical leprechaun leave these for me Saturday night! Now, SMW, I love you but we both know that you have been slackadacious with your Mother's Day skillz in the past. This has definitely brought you back into my good graces. My mom took the other kiddo's and let me sleep in Sunday morning so I only had Mymy and we went and enjoyed a nice breakfast without Hoho biting, kicking, putting crayons in our was pretty close to heaven. Then because the kids are studying flight in school this week we went and saw the B-17 that was touring the area. Let me give you the three highlights that made this field trip worthwhile.

1. Mymy telling the girl standing next to her that it was a B-17 like the girl was an idiot for not knowing already.
2. Bubba arguing with the guy at the souvenir booth after finding out that this particular B-17 wasn't a REAL B-17 because it didn't see any war time.
3. And lastly........Bubba pretending like he was shooting the gun out the side of the plane as he was yelling.......DIE GERMANS DIE when we took the tour of the inside. On a side note....he was HORRIFIED to learn that SMW was stopping in Germany on his way to the "place"......that was a pretty awesome conversation that ended up in me saying......just ask Dad the next time he calls.

We delivered 5 flowers to all the important Mom's in our lives and topped off the night with dinner at my parents. It was a good Mother's Day besides the fact that SMW was in the process of flying 12000 miles only regret was not catching the leprechaun Saturday night.........I have sooooo many questions......

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