Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hard Lessons Learned My Child......Hard Lessons Learned

American are the DEVIL! I can't believe I even watch it, but week after week like a mindless drone I get sucked into it's magical powers. It does make me feel a little better that I don't watch the results show because I could really care less who get's voted off. Sometimes I do watch just to see if anyone cries......oh how I love when they cry.....hmmmm.....maybe I'm the devil! Anyway, last night Nene and me are spending another Tuesday night caught in the grips of the AI machine when I hear her utter a squeal when Adam comes out.....LOL......oh you must reread that last sentence after you get done with this post because it's GOL for sure! Okay back on we are watching Adam sing and I notice that she has googly eyes!!! Really.....googly eyes for the screeching, eyeline wearing Adam Lambert?!?!?!? WHO'S KID IS THIS!!! Needless to say....she's smitten by Adam and immediately starts defending his honor and her crush by pointing out how cute he is.....he's such a good singer......yada yada yada......I may have gotten a wee too much delight in crushing her hopes and dreams of someday having lil eyeliner wearing Adam Lamberts running around when I told her........."Um know Adam's gay right"? SHABAM! Who let me be a mother anyway? You should have seen her face.....Price oh Less!!! After a few minutes of denial she did what any self respecting 11 year old would do in this time of crisis......GOOGLE BITCHES!!! Under parental supervision of course so calm down. After several sites confirming his gaydom she finally relented and with a heavy sigh she asked that age old question asked by women of all ages and generations "Mom, why are all the cute boy's gay"? Oh sweet child.......if we only knew.......

On a lighter note I wrapped up my T.V. watching last nite with the Season Finale of Real Housewives of New York....not as good as some of the other cities but who can't deny that Simon's pants were not fanfreakingtastic!!! Can't wait for the New Jersey Housewives.....they look a damn HOT MESS!! And to bring the evening full circle we topped it off with a little Blueberry Patch, fornicating Cousins, Man Juice and Peter and Tinkerbell......if you know what I'm talking about B.F.F. applications will be accepted until the 15th.


  1. Rach- you always make me laugh. I hope you know that now that I have this address to your blog I WILL be stalking you.
    *huggles & snuggles* (lmfao)

  2. BFF applications?!! is there a void to fill that i should be aware of?? oh and BY THE BY - you wouldn't have even KNOW about the blueberry patch if hadn't have made you turn to that channel. man..and i was just about to compliment your writing and a.i. story. not!...hurts doesn't it?

  3. ps i want you to change your format so that alllll the entries you write are on one page. like mine. i don't like having to hit "older posts" to scroll down and see pictures of you guys and skim over your emotional progress since beginning this blogging journey. fix it for a m.l. por favor. many thanks, tink.
    chader pan