Saturday, May 30, 2009

LDS Family Fun Part Deux!

I have two words for you. Raingutter. Regatta. Wooooweeeeee!!!!!! Yes, if the Pinewood Derby wasn't enough Mormony good times then who couldn't help resist a little Regatta action. Both the Scouts and the girls from Achievements participated this year and it was....well interesting to say the very least. First of all.......I MAY have made a secret wish that Isaiah was going to forget about this "Raingutter Regatta" so that I could sit at home but of course.....he remembered. Which I would like to now ask this is it that a kid who can't remember to turn off his bedroom light, flush the toilet, change his underwear OR remember where he took his shoes ofF (which just a little side note.....made Isaiah go to the grocery store in socks the other day because I'M TIRED OF THIS KID LOSING HIS DAMN SHOES!!!!) but yet he can remember something that hasn't been mentioned in this house for two weeks!!!! Anyway, lucky for him he has a nice uncle who painted the boat for him and so off we went to the race. Do you see what he named his boat?!?!? Yes your eyes are not deceiving you.....he named his boat.....Big Daddy! I didn't see that until he put it in the lineup which made me give myself another horrible mother point because all I could think of was all the terribly innapropriate things he could have put and I wouldn't have known until we got there. C'ne' was also pretty proud of her boat and she did a pretty awesome job of painting her's if I do say so myself. So it gets to be race time and one of the Brother's in the race asks Isaiah where his rutter Rutter? WTF is that? mean that little piece of metal that I threw away because all I saw it as was a weapon in my house? was long gone. So after lot's of scrambling they fixed my boy up right good (man I gotta use that phrase more often...especially in Deer Park) and we were ready! This was a single elimination round and all the scouts are racing each other and every one is having a good time until Isaiah's name is called.....and so is.......a girl's. I wish I would have had my camera ready because his face was so awesome I can't even put it into words. Sheer terror is the closest thing that will desrcibe it. All I knew is that my child had this look in his eyes that if he lost this race to a girl in front of all his friends that it was going to be the end of his world as he knew it. So the race starts.....and.........he lost. I could slowly see all his 9 year old manliness slowly seeping all over cultural hall floor. Poor guy. And I know that I will rack up another bad mother point with this statement.....but I was kinda.....I said KINDA....rooting for the girl, but after she won I felt so bad for my little guy. He was devastated. He went and sat in the corner for the rest of the races and couldn't get outta there fast enough. C'ne did pretty good and ended up racing twice. All in all it was a good time for the kids....notice I said KIDS....well I guess just C'ne so I really meant kid.......and I can't wait for next year when I can send SMW to take them!!!!!

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