Monday, September 14, 2009


Oh man.......this blog has been neglected! I have SEVERAL posts to update so what better way to start off the bloggerfestimony then to wish my man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We started the birthday festivities last week by sending SMW a package including his first love.....a couple of 1 liter bottles of Mt. Dew, some nasty ass Hostess cupcakes, and some picture frames the kids decorated along with a photo album with pics of the fam. We also had one of those Hallmark cards that you can record a message in.....and the song Whoop There It is played after the kids message. Kai picked it out and thought it was the funniest card of life! I couldn't figure out why the kids kept laughing so hard until I heard them repeat what they THOUGHT the song said......WHOOMP FAT ASS.....WHOOMP FAT ASS. Seriously...I don't know where these kids get their f'in potty mouths from! LOL It's my one of several thousand character flaws that I'm working on so back off! Okay.....FOCUS.....back to birthday times. So in honor of my honey's birthday I decided to list the 20 things I love the most about my hubby!
On your mark....get set.....GO!

(um....these are in no particular order)

1. He let's me eat off his fork. This probably doesn't seem like a big deal but SMW has a thing about people eating off his cutlery....even the kids haven't been bestowed this fine honor. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

2. SMW still opens the door for me when we go out! It's the little things that make a girl happy honey....just remember that.

3. I love staring into his dreamy green eyes. Seriously....they are pretty dreamy.....

4. His ability to predict the ending to a movie....ANY MOVIE! It's almost creepy......and now that I'm thinking about it....slightly annoying......WHY DID I LIST THIS ONE!

5. He will probably want me to delete this one but it ain't happnin! He has the cutest little freckles all over his shoulders........I lOVE THEM! Oh.....I miss them....:(

6. I'm still in mourning over this next one. I feel like I lost a dear, dear friend.....but when we met SMW had the best goatee of all times! I'm telling was the goatee of champions! But when he just HAD TO GET BACK INTO THE more goatee......oh the sacrifices we make for this great nation.

7. Which brings me to my next point. SMW is one of the most patriotic people I have ever met. I love this about him. He truly believes in serving his country and takes it very seriously. And God bless the person who leaves their hat on during the National Anthem or decides to desecrate his beloved flag......oh yes, there will be blood.

8. So this might be a little narcissistic of me.....but I do love how he laughs at almost all of my jokes! I've made it a goal in life to make my DH laugh.......

9. Which brings me to my next point! KEEP EM COMING I SAY!!! SMW has one of the best laughs of all time!!! He has his everyday laugh and then he has this one laugh......his TRUE's AWESOME! It's pretty few and far between hearing it....but when you do it is PRICELESS!!

10. I have two words. Ghetto Engineer. That would describe SMW and his handy work. If you don't believe me.....just come take a gander at my car stereo right now.....but at least it works! SMW can fix just about anything.....don't ask him what he had to do to get it to work but he's pretty amazing when it comes to fixing things.

11. Two other words......Ghetto Chef. Possibly Ghetto TOP Chef. He can make dinner out of almost anything in the kitchen. He did however make this one dinner that him and the kids thought was the best thing ever. Let me give you the ingredients. Hot Dogs, Top Ramen, Worschesthsgsgdfgjshire sauce and whatever other spices he felt would be happy in there. I'll let you be the judge.

12. He looks pretty fantastic in his ACU's. MMMmmmHMMMM....

13. This one is a little disturbing....I will admit....however....there is no shame in this girl's game.......I LOVE the smell of SMW's armpits! Awww....I could live there forever.....sometimes....and I do mean sometimes.....he let's me take a good long snifferoo......although it creeps him out and he probably won't admit he allows such idiotic behavior from his wife. NEXT!

14. Whitehill has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be okay. No matter what the situation. Remember on Crocodile Dundee when he does that weird ass thing to the dog with his hands.......yeah.....kinda like that.

15. I don't know how I'm going to describe this next thing. I will call it his conceited arrogant asshole wink. He only does it when he knows he's right about something and he gives you this winky wink with his eye and makes this sound with his mouth and I don't know why....but it's freakin hot when he does it! It makes me melt like budda.

16. Whitehill is the most loyal Mofo I know. He is. Whether it's to family, friends, as an employee....when he's committed to people he will do anything and everything for them. He is am amazing person to have in your life...and if you are lucky enough to have him then you are one lucky son of a biatch!

17. He has funky fresh rhythm for a white boy. And he thinks he's black. Which he's not. But we don't tell him.

18. When he says "YEEEEAAHH MAN". You won't get it so let's move along shall we?

19. Okay in might want to cover your eyes for this one......but SMW is the best smoocher I know....among other things but we are keeping this PG RATED KIDS! However, with all SMW's manly skills.......the thing that I love the SMW's forehead kisses. They are the best in the west ya'll. Wish I had a forehead smooch right now. But I will sit patiently and wait 6 more months for one of those bad boy's.

20. And now here we are at #20. The finale. the finish. The last thing I love about! I just love.....him! I feel so blessed to have him as my husband and partner in crime. I miss him with all my heart and can't wait to have him beside me once again forever. Love you honey.....hope you had a great birthday and I can't wait to see you again.


your wifey

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