Friday, October 2, 2009


Yes, it's that time once again....what time your ask.....oh.....just THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! FALL BITCHES!!!!! Oh yeah......I love me some cold ass rainy weather! Chalk it up to growing up in Seattle, but there's nothing better then waking up to a cloudy stormy day in the fall. I even decorated our homeschool room with paper leaves hanging from the ceiling which I refuse to take pictures of because it will confirm my ticket to Nerdsville USA and I just can't accept my status yet. I will however share our pictures of the first day of school. Isaiah couldn't process the concept of first day of school pictures when all he had to do was walk downstairs but he did manage to muster a pretty decent nine year old "This is the stupidest thing ever" weakass smile which I thought was pretty cute regardless. you gotta love early morning harsh ass light pictures.
Then there was the Diva who poses any time a camera is even remotely in the vicinity....the best is when she gets done watching a Toddlers and Tiara episode and I catch her practicing her "sassy" walk.......LOLOLOL oh man....need to find my camcorder for evidence. WORK IT OUT GIRL!!!

Then you have my sweet lil Mama Girl......don't you feel sorry that such a cute innocent child has me for a mother.....MwAHAHAH!!!

And last but not least......the devil himself.....KJW.....I have no idea what this smile was all about but it's....well.....interesting....gotta love this kid.

Well there you have it.....Back to School pics.......Cheerio....

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