Friday, October 2, 2009

Nerdschool alert!

May I present......Kai and Isaiah's first day of school portraits.......yes I children ARE highly gifted and have been enrolled into the Whitehill University gifted program for being the two smartest kids in the school. However.....I'm not quite sure why Isaiah's shirt was painted purple even though it was grey and said "Army Fort Bliss" but we've learned that we don't ask.

The first week of school we did a unit study on the book "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World". The kids had so much homeschool nerdy fun that they couldn't stand it!

Here's all our ingredients for the pie we made.....including real cinnamon sticks from a Mexican Market where the guy at the front counter told me a joke in Spanish and thought I totally knew what he was which I just smiled and laughed.....oh yes....I am one with my Hispanics.....

Um.....we ate the pie before we could take a picture of it but I did manage to take this shot right before Koa dived in......the kids did a great job!

And what says nerdy homeschool fall fun without a trip to the apple orchards!!!! Woooooweeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Anything Koa can stab with a stick is A-ok with him!

And who doesn't like to be buried in peas.....

We were going to buy caramel apples at the orchards but.....they didn't have any made. WTF kind of apple orchard doesn't have carmel apples readily available at all times for fine patrons such as myself! RIDICULOUS I SAY! So we went to the store and bought our own carmel apple stuff.....TAKE THAT APPLE ORCHARD FARMERS!



Oh the sugar rush.......might have gone into Anaphylactic shock after all that sugary goodness....but it was well worth it......oh yes it was.


  1. Wow - this looks awesome! I want some caramel apple goodness, too. Pleeeeeeeease!?!

  2. what a great teacher you are...field trips and all!!

  3. wow...thanks for the shout out. it's not like i didn't take one million pics of your kids this day and put them into an online album AND blog. i guess you do see ian's back in the one picture of the kids together. so...thanks.


    ps my heart hurts.