Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tooth Fairy is B*!@ch!

Look at the could you forget to leave this precious face the money that she so rightfully deserved! You are a horrible mother....err.....fairy and should be caned in a Singapore jail. Good thing I rescued you and threw a dollar under Kai's bed and told her she must have knocked it down while she was sleeping......I'm getting sick of bailing your ass out......until next time TF....I've got my eye on you....


  1. haha...when you get yourself in a bind...always blame the!!

  2. i rarely, RARELY laugh OUT LOUD when reading, but that, m'lady, brought the giggles. and maybe a few tears.
    ps ian lost his first tooth last week. tooth fairy left him a note in the shape of a giant tooth, a mini-lecture about being a good kid, listening to mommy and daddy AND the importance of flossing. our tooth fairy also discussed her/his connection with santa... it's just a good reminder. our tooth fairy never has papery cash - so ian was left 8 quarters.

    i'm not sure if ian or kai came out on top. when a long lecture note is involved, sometimes the tooth fairy forgetting your tooth isn't the worst thing.

  3. last year (as in 2009) andrew lost his keys...okay FINE - I LOST andrew's keys!!!!! on st. patricks day. the night before, the leprachaun had come and put the chairs on the table, tp'd the dining room and living room and rearranged some furniture - but left green treats bc it's all games!!! we looked and looked and looked for the keys. andrew called in work late. we fought - a bit. and ian said, "that NAUGHTY leprchn! he did this right?!!" and one year later we still talk about what a naughty thing he did.

    incidently we found them at the bottom of the basket for cars.. trickster. my theory is he had them in his hands as he was cleaning up some cars and they went. this year we asked him to only do pranks we would find funny.