Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkins Tacos and Rice Bowls

Yeah, you read me right. I said pumpkins, tacos, and rice bowls. Now before I proceed any further I need to issue another one of my disclaimers. I can "yo quiero taco bell" with the best of them so let's not get it twisted ya'll....but does anyone else find a pumpkin patch a strange place to find the exotic fusion of taco's, rice bowls, and funnel cakes?!?! So weird! I'm still sitting here, 6 hours later trying to wrap my little tiny peanut brain around it. I suppose I should back up a tinge. I escorted my 4 little darlings to Siemer's Farms (and yes my immature brain may have giggled slightly at the name of this place but only for a second.....a wee baby second) to meet up with Gramma, Papa, Auntie and Uncle and of course...... SMILERS! We love pumpkin patching every year and were excited this year to go with our family and ALSO to try a different patch this year because we had been going to the same one for the last couple of years. So off we went to Greenbluff, land oh the pumpkin patch, to find the perfect pumpkin. First of all, the traffic up to this place was insane! Who knew so many people wanted to experience all the joys that pumpkins can bring on the same day as us! But despite the crowds we fought our way through the peeps and found our family and then proceeded to the P. Patch where I learned that they wanted 30 cents per lb of pumkiness......say what MOFO! 30 cents per lb! That was going to be a huge hellz no. So I did what any self respecting ghetto ass poor Mama would do. I took lot's of pictures of the family at the patch and then took our happy ass's to Walmart for the $3 pumpkins BABY! After the photo session we headed off in search of some carmeled apples to end our outing but what do you think I found instead!?!?!? That's right, tacos.....and rice bowls. I'm still so confused and very tired from last nights "Making the Squad Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders" marathon extravaganza last night with Nene, that I'm a tad delirious so I'm not even going to try and sort out this madness in my brain. But I will however give you our 2009 P Patch photos! I do have to say that we live in the best part of the country!

There's only one way to say this.....Uncle Ryan LOVES getting his picture taken.....and after a couple hundred pictures of JUST HIM peaking out of cornstalks, making funny faces to the pumpkins, and cartwheeling through the patch I finally told him that I needed to get pictures of other people.....he finally, and very begrudgingly, let me take some pictures of Smiley.

This is Koa's "zombie" face.....he likes to walk around the house telling me he's a zombie and he's going to eat my brains. Disturbing I know.....

And there you have it. We missed you SMW and can't wait for next year when I can drag you up there and we can pick out a pumpkin, eat a taco, and wash it down with a rice bowl! YEEHAW!!!....Over and out....

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