Friday, September 10, 2010


In a perfect world full of rainbows and gummy bears, mostly red one's because they are my FAVE, I would be the kind of mom who would be sad to see the summer come to an end and have to send my kids to the machine they call "SCHOOL" for 6 hours a day. Well my friends, the world isn't perfect. You always get WAY more green gummy bears in your bag than red one's and that just isn't right. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! No one likes the green ones anyway! Okay, reigning it in. Back on track. So, as I was saying. I'm not that mom. I was more than happy to see the little tykes off to school on Wednesday morning. We DID have a great summer and I enjoyed them being home and not sticking to a schedule but it just seemed like the last week they all were possessed by little demonic leprechauns! Fighting, screaming, riots, was a hot mess the last week! In Whitehill tradition I now present to you "BACK 2 SCHOOL PICS version 20.10!

Here is the beautiful Nene sporting a Huskies shirt (which you can't see...SORRY IT WAS EAAAARLY!). The day before we had attended her orientation for her new project based school, where they call their teacher's by their first names but we are not going there today, and her classroom looked like a WSU cougar had vomited all over the room. I'm not even kidding. It was like being in a bad dream. Sorry Cougar fans. HUSKIES RIDE OR DIE YO! So I found it funny that with all the new clothes that Nene had she chose this one. If this doesn't say anything about her personality I don't know what does. Now maybe you people will feel my pain as I discuss the adventures of raising a certain raging hormone filled 12 year old.

I now present to you the Bubs. I love this kid. Aside from his spastic personality he pretty much does whatever I tell him to do. Including taking his picture early in the morning. Including telling him not to smile like that. Including telling him to not smile like that either. LOVE HIM! I hope he has a great year this year!

Let's have a quick discussion about back to school clothes, shall we? In my attempt to spend more time with my kiddo's one on one I took them back to school shopping separately. An adventure I don't know will be continued next year. This child, pictured above, was taken to 10 different stores, and HATED EVERYTHING. Gymboree- negative. The Children's Place- double negative. Crazy8- NEIN! And the list just went on. We finally ended up at Kohl's were she fell in love with two of the most hideous outfits known to mankind. I'm not even kidding. One involves a built in necklace. Yes, built in. But after 7 hours I didn't care. I whipped out the plastic and they were all her's. YOUR WELCOME:)

And last but not least...we have Boogs. I also present to you, FEATHER. Boogs begged and pleaded with my mom in the store to buy this little puppy for my brother for his birthday. He insisted that my brother needed it and would love it for his birthday. Of course Nana gave in and as soon as they were out of the store Boogie ripped off the tags and claimed Feather as his own telling her it was all a trick! Manipulative at 4 years old. We are in trouble. Boogs doesn't start pre-k until next week so you all will be punished with pictures next week too.

Sometimes on very rare occasions I like to pretend that I'm a good mother. And on the first day of school one of those occasions presented itself. I present to you.....BACK TO SCHOOL BREAKFAST. Last year it was homemade cinnamon rolls and I realized that sending the kids to school on the first day all hopped up on sugar was not very smart. So here is what they lovingly call.....Breakfast Pizza.

Recipe courtesy of This woman has been the reason for my 10 pound weight gain over the summer but yet I keep coming back to her like a battered housewife. SHE'S THAT GOOD! Between her and Paula Deen it's over for me. Okay, that is all for today. Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND! SMW has drill this weekend leaving to fend for myself with the kiddo's so WISH ME LUCK!!!

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  1. THESE KIDS ARE GROWING TOO FAST! I can't believe C'Ne is 12!!! I remember being at her first bday! I remember holding her when she was just an itty....oh good grief. the new pics!!!!