Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There goes my baby:(

**DISCLAIMER- Please refrain from judging me in regards to Koa's shirt. I'm was raised in a proper household to loath the Raider's....however my husband was not. He <3's them with every fiber in his being. So judge him.....Okay...commence with the post. Thank you for your attention**

Guess who's little baby man started preschool this month? That's right...the same person who turned the big 33. I know this post is suppose to be about Koa starting preschool but let's face it, I'm selfish and like to complain about getting older. It's just who I am. A negative asshole. Always have been...always will be. But at least I'm able to mask it with inappropriate and sometimes uncomfortable sarcasm and humor! CHEERS! I will post a detailed post later regarding all the things that are so so wrong about turning 33 at a later date so don't worry....your saved for today:) Anyway, Koa started preschool this month and this Momma was not happy. I know it's JUST PRESCHOOL BLAH BLAH BLAH but this is my baby. My Budders. My Koaster Moaster, Hunka Hunka Baby Man, Boogs, Boogies, and last but not Fella. Yes, he answers to ALL these! So my answer to preschool was to put him in a Co-op. This way I can still maintain my freakishly controlling ways and spy on him one day a week. It's very healthy I promise. It also marks my way to not having ANY kids at home during the day. SOOOOOO WEIRD! I swear it was only a while ago that I had like a million kids in diapers and now I'm sending the last one off to school. :( he is. At school. Being the handsomest preschooler ever known to mankind.

Start the morning with a good breakfast kids!

His little school is so freakin cute!

First in line....what an overachiever. We are going to have to fix that. Can't have him getting beat up his first day of preschool for being a kissass!

HA! This was him getting P.I.S.S.E.D. for taking too many pictures. GET USE TO IT KID! You have too many years left in my legal care, control and custody and yes....there will be pictures:P

All in all....a perfect first day of school! :)

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