Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hey....remember that time when I said I was going to start blogging again on a regular basis? Yeah...good times. Obviously I'm a liar. So here we go again. This time I'm not going to make any empty promises. Let's just naturally assume that after this post you won't hear from me again until next year and that way if you do it will be a surprisingly magical experience for one and all. So let's get this update party started. HOLLA! Let's start with the obvious. We had an addition to the family this year. May I introduce Jaxikins, Jaximus, Jaximima, or as the world knows him.... Jax Odinn Whitehill. I don't want to talk about his middle name but all I'm going to say is this. I don't like it but it's better than his first name being Thor. And we will leave it at that.

Awww...there's my baby:) He's such a sweet boy. It always amazes me how much you instantly love each one of of your baby's the minute you see them. I'm not going to lie...the journey of brewing this little bundle of joy was not a good time but I'm chalking it up to old age. With the other 4 spawnlettes I was young and spritely and in my 20's. This kiddo was birthed by a senior citizen. I was more worried about throwing out my hip while in labor than anything else. I'm happy to report there were no incidents with my hip. And even happier to report that Jax was a healthy, beautiful baby at 7 lbs, 13 oz and 21 inches long. I don't know why but I was SUPER nervous before his delivery! He was a scheduled induction and on the morning he was born, SMW made our way to the hospital at an hour humans shouldn't be awake. I was shaking like a crack fein walking in. SMW thought I was crazy. I mean it's not like we haven't been to this goat rodeo before. I'm a damn pro for the love of PETE! Do you want to know what nervous before kicking out a baby looks like? Feast your eyes on this!

Be jealous. Go ahead. I'll wait.

After we were settled and I had requested a nurse who could deal with my sarcastic awesomeness we were given a nurse who rocked my world. Seriously, she was AMAZING. She calmed me right down and we got down to bidness and had that baby out by noon. That's how we do work son! We had decided to let whatever kids who wanted to be in the room while I delivered make that choice and I feel this is a decision that may haunt me to the day I die. C'ne had decided she had been to the last four births and opted to spend the day at the lake with friends. I don't blame her. I would have been there with her but that wasn't an option. Isaiah wanted to be in there because he had never been in there before and I'm pretty sure he's still having nightmares. This poor kid. He's traumatized. To a PTSD level. And I don't joke about PTSD. My husband's in the military. Just look at this face.

The baby is literally coming out. LOLOLOL. I know I shouldn't laugh but I'm going to use this as birth control when he get's older. See, there really is a method to my madness. Do you notice Koa playing his gameboy? Yup. Luckily for Isaiah this cowgirl knows how to rock a birth and baby was out with the quickness which I've decided isn't exactly something to brag about but what can you do. As always my amazing husband was there with me every step of the way and I couldn't ask for a more comforting, supportive person to experience this with. I am definitely one lucky girl:) I am now going to inundate you with pictures of Jax's birth day. Special shout out to my amazing friend JAMIE STONE for coming down early and taking pictures of our special day for us. She is the best:)

Give me drugs!

First time seeing him!

Jax Odinn Whitehill:)

And there you have it people. We came, we saw, we kicked out a baby. Or more accurately...I kicked out a baby. But regardless we are so blessed to have this new little guy in our lives. It's definitely been an adjustment getting use to having a newborn in the house but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Hopefully I will post more pics before next year at this time but until then......ADIOS AMIGOS!


  1. You are amazing Rachael!!! You crack me up!

  2. Love your story!! Glad 5.0 made it here safely! He is super cute and I love his name!