Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting our LEARN ON !

Direct quote from yours truly from last years back to school blog "It also marks my way to not having ANY kids at home during the day. SOOOOOO WEIRD! I swear it was only a while ago that I had like a million kids in diapers and now I'm sending the last one off to school." I was CHANGING A DIAPER while you were reading that but I'm back now. Oh are a funny little bastard aren't you. I wouldn't trade having my little Jaximus for anything in the world but it's funny how your life can change in a wee 365 days. is what it is and I've got five kids yo! So this is how the Whitehill's started their back to school journey this year. I've been getting some complaints from the peanut gallery (aka Mrs. O.) that there aren't very many pictures of a certain eldest child of mine. Let me explain shall I? Something I have learned over the course of becoming the mother of a raging hormonal teenage child. 1) They don't like their pictures taken without at least 30 minutes notice. 2) Punishing your child for bad behavior can come in the form of publishing unapproved photos of said child on any social network. THANKS FACEBOOK! Building strong parents the world over! 3) Keep your camera out of reach of their grubby little polished hands because you will find pictures have a magical way of disappearing right out of your camera. I found one...yes ONE picture of C'ne from that morning after I was going over the back to school pictures. DANG YOU CHILD! Also a monumental day for Koaster Moaster as he had his first day of Kindergarten. YEAH BUDDY! Per my usual indecisive self I was torn whether to start him because he has one of those infamous summer birthdays. So in true myself fashion I decided a whole two days before school started. Good job, me. He was ready. Ready for action. And I'm so glad I made that choice because he is doing awesome and is loving school. We changed the kids school this year and they are now getting their learn on in a tiny school with only 77 students from grades K-7. LOVE IT! Koa has class in the original one room school house that was built back in the 1800's. The teachers are amazing and we couldn't be happier. Looking forward to what the next year has to bring. C'ne is still at her old school and I decided while taking her to her 8th grade open house that middle school is the butthole of life. How did any of us survive it! I was unaware that becoming a parent would bless me with living middle school all over again....five times. Sweet. May the force be with us all. Well, here are the pictures of the little darlings. Enjoy my fine peeps:) Over and out.

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  1. I love it!!!!! Thanks for posting 4/5 of the amazing kiddos! I know what you mean about middle school. What a freakin' nightmare. Thank goodness we all survived. I am sure there were days when I didn't think it was possible to survive those years. I can't wait until we are neighbors!!!