Monday, May 11, 2009

Turning 09!!!!

I thought that was a pretty clever play on numbers.....until I realized that it's always been like that....5 in 05.....2 in get the basically not only am I not a genuis....but I'm a pretty stupid Mom for not figuring that out earlier. Sweet. Needless to say he did have another birthday on Thursday and opened up a telescope, Survival Book for know in case your in the middle of Africa and you need to eat a dead zebra carcass, Eyewitness book on World War II (I'm hoping it curbs his desire to discuss Hitler in the middle of the grocery store) and 750 stars to put on his ceiling......which was the dumbest present I could have got him because it took almost 3 hours to put all those little F@*kers up! All in all it was a good day and we topped it off, with a little help from buddy Duncan Hines, with a Rocket cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!

That's right.....what cake is complete without Koa's fingerprints stuck inside.

This is the only picture he let me take of him opening up time.....he will regret it!

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  1. Sean is also obsessed war - especially WWII. I'll be that they would have a nice discussion together. But, the are the same age.. so maybe this makes them normal?